Violet Home Textiles was awarded the national “Shou contract and credit” enterprise for three times

                    2017-01-13 14:41:00

                    Recently, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People's Republic of China publicized the list of state-level “contract-abiding and credit-worthy” enterprises in 2014-2015, and Violet Home Textiles was rated as a national “Shou contract and credit” enterprise for three consecutive years.


                    If people do not believe it, they will fail if the industry does not believe it. In the construction process of violets, the construction of corporate credit system is the most important and basic work, and it is also an important component of Violet Home Textiles' corporate spirit. After more than 20 years of development, Violet has become a large-scale joint-stock company with more than 1,500 employees and integrates home textile fabrics, finished product research and development, sales and service. Acquired "China Famous Brand", "Jiangsu Famous Brand", "Jiangsu Famous Brand", "Jiangsu Province Key Fostered and Developed International Famous Brand", "Home Textiles Independent Brand Focused on Fostering by the Ministry of Industry and Information Industry", "Ministry of Industry and Information Industry Brand Demonstration Enterprise" “National Enterprises Honoring Contracts and Reliance on Credit”, “Authentication AAA Enterprise of China Textile Industry Federation”, “Jiangsu Quality Award Enterprise”, “Jiangsu Province Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise”, “Jiangsu Province Quality Credit AAA Enterprise”, “ "Jiangsu Provincial Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise" and many other honors.

                    Due to sincerity, stone is open. Mr. Chen Yongbing, chairman of Violet Home Textiles, often said that "credits are the basis of people; keeping contracts is a prerequisite for building a business. Trustworthiness is the most beautiful character of a person; it is also a principle that a company must uphold." This award is again honored. The affirmation of Violence's honest performance and law-abiding business is the encouragement and spur to Violet. In the future development, Violet will always uphold the business philosophy of integrity-based, cast brand in good faith, return the society with genuine heart, bring safer and more reliable products to consumers, let Violet Home Textile become more people's eyes The trust in the brand is assured.


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