Violet home textiles Polytron Technologies Inc

                    Founded in 1995, from a small family workshop, the simplest sheets, quilt covers and pillowcases began, with the deepening and optimization of China's reform and opening up process, After experienced 20 years of groundless talk today, violet has become a brand value of over 52 billion yuan, Nantong first, Chinese third home brand, is the domestic functional textile leader, is also the only one with China health famous textile enterprises.


                    Violet park is located in China textile textile industrial base - Jiangsu Nantong, only 20 kilometers from the city center, only 5 minutes from Lake business district. The company has both north and South Park, a total of 160 acres of land, construction area of about 10 million square meters, of which the north for the production plant for the Southern District Administrative Center Co marketing.

                    STRONG STRENGTH TO WITNESS

                    Over the past more than 20 years, the company has been adhering to the "market-oriented, independent innovation" of the development of the road, has become a traditional textile enterprises to the technology oriented textile enterprise transformation of the first enterprise. The company adopts the domestic and export double wheel drive strategy multi-channel sales model, covering: brand join, flagship store straight, member marketing, e-commerce.


                    Polytron Technologies Inc is the only violet home textile textile industry also has "enterprise academician workstation", "provincial engineering technology research center", "provincial enterprise technology center", "enterprise graduate workstation" and other research institutions of the national high-tech enterprises. The company attaches great importance to technology development, has assumed the national and local scientific research projects in 16, through scientific and technological innovation to achieve the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

                    NEW O2O MARKETING MODEL

                    Violet home textile through efficient and safe operating system, for franchisees, agents and consumers to provide a comprehensive business support and service after-sales protection. From the perfect function, complete line of products straight shops, to all over the country 36 provinces and autonomous regions of more than 500 stores outlets, and then to the modern intelligent violet home textile vitality experience museum.


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